Stop optimising websites. Start optimising this instead | Review

Understanding the 3 Brains

The brain is made up of 3 parts:

The Automatic & The Manual Brain.

As intelligent beings, humans pride a distinct difference from the rest of the animal kingdom on our ability to analyse and interpret information. We do this through our Manual Brain. But as my name would imply, this is conscious the brain at work, exhausting it’s resources to perform a task.

What Does This Have To Do With Digital Persuasion?

As a business or brand, your digital presence should be focused on communicating messages that illicit a specific response from potential leads. But many companies are missing the mark. According to Andre Morys, there is on average a 95% gap between what the company wants to say and what the consumer actually understands. This leads to a trickle effect.

  • Customers cannot take action on messages they have not understood.
  • Customers cannot understand messages they have not received.
  • Customers cannot receive messages they never saw.

You have less time than you realise.

There are two things which need to happen on our websites for behaviour to match our goals.

  1. Attention must be controlled
  2. Relevance must be established.

What’s important to the customer?

Avators based on this insight create better opportunities for brands to create emotional relevance with their target audience.



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Daniella Wade

Daniella Wade

Copywriter & Email Marketer | Specialist in Sales, Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Travel